What people are saying about my work

We were very pleased with the idea which Anna came up with. The World Knitted Cake Festival promoted our business along with raising monies for The League of Friends for Malton Hospital and Sheffield Children's Hospital . I would certainly call on her again. She is down to earth, delivers on time and doesn’t get fazed about anything . A fun person to work with.
Christine Bentley - Castle Stores Wool Shop, Helmsley

We were very pleased with the event that Anna organised in North Yorkshire which was allocated to the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary, Chelsea in London . Anna has a very good insight on how to bring an event together . Not only did she, herself, cater for two breakfasts ,she filled a local restaurant on a cold January Monday evening when it would have otherwise been with no customers.
Chelsea Pensioners -Nick Clark

I was delighted when Anna was taken on board to fill our dining room on a night when in January we would expect to have no one in . She had her table plans to hand and her timetable in order so we were able to deliver food on time and she made sure everything rang smoothly having arranged for both the Ripon Hornblower to attend and also the youngest hunting horn blower in the country . The function was attended by a Minster from the Houses of Parliament and Members of the Armed Forces
Robert Thompson -Landlord